STRIKEFORCE RADIO SHOW #1 – Produced by Panoramaland RC&D & KMTI Studios with special guests from USDA and interviews with local Producers.

STRIKEFORCE RADIO SHOW #2 – Produced by Panoramaland RC&D & KMTI Studios with special guests from USDA and interviews with local Producers.


  • Eligibility & Application Process
  • Stand Alone Programs: CSP & RCPP
  • Interview with Jay Olsen
  • Strike Force Concept
  • Environmental Quality Incentive Programs
  • Types of Special Applicants
  • Interview with Farmers, Ranchers and Producers

To find out more about the StrikeForce Initiative and how you can participate visit Utah

Rural Americans face many unique challenges.   The USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Rural Development and the Farm Service Agency  has developed a program to partner with rural communities in regions around the country on projects they support to promote economic growth. This RC&D radio program is part of a collaborative effort of the Panoramaland RC&D, the National Association of RC&D Councils, and the USDA NRCS that compliments the StrikeForce initiative to raise awareness of the different USDA programs and assistance available to under-served producers.

USDA launched the StrikeForce Initiative in several states throughout the nation including Utah. The primary goal of the StrikeForce initiative is to increase partnership with rural communities and leverage community resources in targeted, persistent poverty areas. Recognizing that 90 percent of all persistent poverty counties are in rural parts of the country, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has deployed a cross-agency “StrikeForce” to better serve persistent poverty communities and socially disadvantaged farmers by coordinating activities among all agencies and leveraging expertise working with Community Based Organizations (CBO’s). To provide services in the realms of farming and community development to all people in a manner that improves their understanding of USDA programs and services, increases their participation in USDA programs, and encourages them to participate in resource planning, and the decision-making process.

As part of the StrikeForce initiative the National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, Inc. (NARC&DC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) have entered into an agreement to utilize local RC&D Councils to increase NRCS outreach to historically under-served farmers and landowners, which may include, but are not be limited to, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribes, and women landowners.. RC&D Councils have more than 50 years of experience in working with and across USDA agencies and have a proven track record in outreach and educational endeavors. This partnership was developed to facilitate and strengthen community based conservation and delivery through a comprehensive outreach and education approach.

Strike Force Radio Program

The Strike Force program was set up by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to combine the efforts of 3 agencies—the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Service agency, and Rural Development to make sure that the programs offered by each of these agencies was communicated to those who live in persistent poverty areas.

USDA realized that over 90% of the persistent poverty areas in our country are located in rural areas. They wanted to partner with local, community based organizations to combine USDA programs to make sure the program information is understood and also to expand the funding that may be available for projects that would improve the local economies of these areas.

It is also to provide services to farmers and foster community/economic development through the coordination of the three agencies.

It is aimed to make the agencies work together better—and ensure that these communities understand that their programs can work together in a synergistic way!

The Natural Resources Conservation Service provided a grant to the Resource Conservation & Development councils to “advertise” USDA programs through radio spots.

We are glad to have this opportunity to share with you the aims of the Strike Force program—to make sure that you are better informed on what programs area available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, and Rural Development.

The program is also to partner with local, community based organizations to help them utilize the programs that are available to their communities to leverage and expand the funding that may be available to them!

USDA realized that working together these 3 agencies should work collaborate to make sure the “word gets out” to everyone—but especially those who are in persistent poverty areas!

We hope that you will stop into a local USDA service center to get involved with these programs that will benefit you and your community!

Thank You!



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